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10 Things we learned from J. Lo’s A.K.A.

SheKnows breaks down the 10 facts we’ve learned from Jennifer Lopez’s 10th album A.K.A.

It’s been almost two decades since Jennifer Lopez burst onto the scene, and since then, our favorite Bronx-born triple threat hasn’t aged a bit. But aside from her stunning immortality, she’s also released a whole collection of pop&B hits since that late ’90s debut. On Tuesday, the newly single Jenny Lo released her 10th album, A.K.A., and here’s 10 facts we learned from the studio effort.

1.) You think you know, but you have no idea. No, really. On the album’s opening banger “A.K.A.,” which features T.I., Lopez insists that you really don’t know her. It’s a concept that frankly confuses and intrigues us, especially after all these years. Tell us more, Ms. Lopez.

2.) J. Lo wouldn’t be the same phenomenon she’s become without the many men behind her public persona, like Puff Daddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. With that said, the entertainer admits she’s finally found a lover who makes her wish she didn’t have to deal with any of those other flames. On her first team-up with pop mastermind Max Martin (“First Love”), Jen sings, “‘Cause if you were first, baby / there would never be a second, third or fourth love.” Don’t we all wish, girl.

3.) Not only does she wish none of the other guys hadn’t come around, but La Lopez has the loving appetite of a walrus — figuratively speaking, of course. On the the overly dramatic mid-tempo cut “Never Satisfied,” she insists that she really can’t get enough of her beau’s love, singing: “I’m never satisfied / Honey, my appetite is keeping me up at night / I’m going crazy for more of your love.”

4.) She luhs her papi. Enough said.

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5.) There’s nothing like a woman scorned, but there’s also nothing like J. Lo scorn. On the Chris Brown-penned “Emotions,” Jenny calls out a lover who has stripped away all her emotional fragility. With a passive-aggressive attitude and references to an exhausted relationship, she manages to send her message quite clearly. We’re looking at you, Casper.

6.) We’ve been lighting candles at the altar of J. Lo’s booty for years, and it appears the singer also appreciates some junk in the truck. Who would have thought? In “Booty,” a team-up with the inescapable Pitbull, the singer encourages her ladies to shake what their mamas gave them.

7.) As with most pop stars these days, Lopez has her share of gay fans, and she’s devoted a whole track to them on the absurdly campy “Tens” featuring Jack Mizrahi. On the almost-four-minute song, Lopez manages to show love to her girls with an entire book of lingo. Yes, this is a read.

8.) When I need a favor, I usually ask my childhood best friend. When Jennifer Lopez needs a favor, she calls Nas. Yup, the Illmatic mastermind appears on the song “Troubeaux,” and that’s just a few of the friends that appear on A.K.A. The LP also features collaborations from Iggy Azalea, Diplo, Rich Ross, French Montana and many more.

9.) Pop guru Sia has been lending her talents to everyone around, and J. Lo is just her latest collaborator. On the track “Expertease (Ready Set Go),” Lopez uses a play on words to get her man out of his clothes and into her bed. But apparently, it’s not Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

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10.) Jennifer Lopez has been reminding us for years that she’s ultimately no different from the girl who used to live in the Bronx, and that reminder pops up crystal clear on “Same Girl.” She might be 10 albums in, but the triple threat isn’t ever shy to remind us of her hometown roots.

Jennifer Lopez’s A.K.A. was released Tuesday.

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