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Settle down now, Ryan Gosling did not have a baby

A Father’s Day Facebook post purporting to tell the story of how Ryan Gosling tried and failed to adopt a baby is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Close to a million Ryan Gosling fans were fooled by a Father’s Day Facebook post purporting to tell the sad tale of how the actor tried and failed to adopt a dead friend’s baby. Tragic yes, and also categorically untrue.

The photo and explanation, posted on a fake Gosling page written to sound like it’s the star himself talking, shows the hunky actor cuddling up with an adorable baby and tells a story of how he planned to raise the child after his friend died until the biological father stepped in.

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As of this writing over 940,000 people shared the story on Facebook. Problem is, it simply is not true, and the person running the account appears to have created the hoax as a means to sell T-shirts. Readers are directed to a sales page and told that each purchase will enter them into a drawing to meet Gosling himself — also completely untrue.

Gosling’s reps have not yet commented on the hoax.

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