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Miss USA Nia Sanchez can’t name own state’s capital

Miss USA and former Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, failed to name the capital of her own state during a radio quiz, and further incited rumors she faked her Nevada residency.

Nia Sanchez, who was Miss Nevada before being crowned Miss USA last week, was not able to name the capital of her supposed state during a quiz while on a radio show. Her blunder further fueled rumors that she’s not a resident of the Silver State.

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While on The Todd Show Monday morning, Sanchez participated in a quiz where she was asked what the capital of Nevada was, and she surprisingly was not able to answer. Giving way to a very awkward moment, Sanchez blanked out and couldn’t name Carson City as Nevada’s capital.

“Oh, um, ahhhh, oh my gosh,” she said, struggling to come up with the correct city. And, when the host supplied the stunning brunette with the name, she was quick to cover for herself.

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“Thank you, I was going to say that! I was like, the one DJ host on MTV, back in the day, his name, that’s how I always remembered it.” Of course, she was referring to Carson Daly, the old-time music television host.

Sanchez was accused of faking her Nevada residency to compete in the Miss USA pageant. She had competed for the crown of Miss California three times but failed to win. She said she did not compete in the 2013 Miss Nevada pageant because she had only been living there for six months at the time.

“I wanted to go into competition properly, so I didn’t compete last year,” Sanchez told Fox News. “I didn’t want people to have anything to say. I did it right… I waited over a year to compete when I felt I was ready.”

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A rep for the Miss Universe Organization also chimed in on the residency rumors and spoke in defense of Sanchez. “She met her requirements to compete. Nia is a great person and we know she’ll be a great titleholder,” the rep told E! News.

Perhaps taking some time to learn the state capital and other geography of her new Nevada “home state” would further help her along in becoming an even better titleholder. Just saying.

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