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How to watch the 2014 World Cup at work

Need your 2014 FIFA World Cup fix from your desk? We’ve got you covered with a list of places to catch the matches from anywhere.

Being an adult doesn’t have to suck the fun out of your soccer fanaticism. If you’re dying in your cubicle because you’re missing your favorite team’s matches, we have the answer: Univision. With the Ghana vs. U.S. match just hours away, you’re going to need a way to catch the match and Univision is offering up the app to make it happen. Is it the only way to watch the game? No. ESPN and Watch ABC both offer most games on their apps as well, but you’ll need to enter your cable subscription information. In other words, if you left home without your cable bill, you may worry you’re up the creek without a paddle.

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The Univision app is offering all 64 matches on their app for free and with the only commentary soccer was meant to have: Spanish commentary. Don’t know Spanish? True soccer fans won’t need commentary to know what’s happening and can appreciate the beloved bellow of “Goooooal!” that only a Spanish-speaking commentator can pull off.

On the tube, you might need to channel surf to catch all 64 matches. They’re distributed between ESPN, ESPN 2 and ABC. Or, you know, you can count on Univision again. The Spanish-speaking network will air the first 54 matches on their network, including all of the U.S.’s matches in the first round.

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The final 10 matches of the World Cup can be found on ABC. Until then, Univision and its app is our best bet for catching all of the American games, plus any and all of the other games you want to watch. Especially looking forward to keeping up with the home team? Here’s the U.S.’ schedule so far.

Monday, June 16 — U.S. vs. Ghana, 6/5c

Sunday, June 22 — U.S. vs. Portugal, 6/5c

Thursday, June 26 — U.S. vs. Germany, 12/11c

Enjoy the match and stay tuned for the updated schedule and our amazing drinking game.

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