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Salem sneak peek: What’s in that vial, Mary?

Mary’s secret is in jeopardy thanks to Increase Mather’s hold on George Sibley. But will Mather’s hold last?

Increase Mather is continuing his rampage against the supernatural this week on Salem, and he’s putting everyone on edge. This time, though, Increase is determined that Mr. Sibley is under a spell and not sick. He refuses to let Mr. Sibley go home and demands he stay in his care. His actions and concerns force Mary to go from passively worrying to aggressively working to make sure Increase doesn’t find out just what she’s done to her husband — or worse, find out who has done it.

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Since Mr. Sibley removed that crazy frog, it’s only a matter of time before he regains his composure enough to expose Mary for the witch that she is. Her only way to stop him? Find a way to keep her hold on him… or kill him. In this week’s sneak peek, we can’t help but wonder what exactly is in that “tonic” she’s giving to poor Isaac. Sure, she says it’s to “help” Mr. Sibley, but are we sure it won’t really just help her?

We have a greater worry, though: What happens if that “tonic” really is poison? If Isaac is the one seen administering it to Mr. Sibley, will he be tried for murder? Will they claim he’s a witch? Isaac isn’t exactly stable-minded, either. How will murdering someone affect him mentally?

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Of all the possible outcomes to this first season of the show, it’s Isaac’s life that worries us most. We absolutely adore the Fornicator and would hate to see him hang. Yet we continue to feel like his life is in the balance! We can’t imagine a Season 2 without Isaac.

Will he make it past this episode? Can he make it into Salem Season 2? It sure seems like whatever is in that vial from Mary might end up being the deciding factor. And the end result may just surprise you. Tune in Sunday at 10/9c on WGNAmerica to see how it all goes down.

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