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Kerry Washington on work, life as a new mom — and Fitz

Kerry Washington is one celebrity mom who knows how to graciously handle personal questions. The star has spoken just a tiny bit about her baby joy — as well as what’s in store for Olivia Pope.

Kerry Washington, new mom and gorgeous Scandal actress, is dodging questions about her personal life with a sense of tact even her character, Olivia Pope, would have to admire.

A Twitter fan recently contacted her through a live chat to ask, “Now that you’re a mom will it be bittersweet to go back to work?” The star, who gave birth to daughter Isabelle Amarachi in April, replied kindly, “So tricky because you know I don’t talk about this stuff, but I will say I feel really, really blessed.”

She added, “I just feel really blessed that I’m kind of living extraordinary dreams come true in my work life and in my personal life.”

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That’s about all we’re likely to get from the very private actress, but there is more she’s willing to say on the topic of work.

Speaking of the character she embodies for the fabulous Shonda Rhimes, Washington explained, “There’s no question about it, that she loves Fitz… but I think she’s also just trying to turn her life into a place that is not so upside-down. To create a healthy life for herself, where she can not feel like she’s stuck in a relationship with someone who can’t be with her. It’s a very, very complicated relationship, and I think she’s trying to find more simplicity and healthy expressions of love and safety and sanity around her.”

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That’s not all. Elaborating further on the love triangle between fictional President Fitzgerald Grant and Jake Ballard, Washington continued chattily, “It’s tricky. Jake is a great guy, and Jake cares about her a lot and loves her. Neither man has treated her entirely well, so it’s tricky.”

What do you think is in store for Kerry Washington and Olivia Pope?

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