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Jason Biggs makes fun of Tara Reid’s body, keeps feud fresh

Jason Biggs goes on Joan Rivers’ web show and takes another opportunity to say some not-so-nice things about his ex-costar.

Jason Biggs made a recent appearance on Joan Rivers‘ web show In Bed With Joan to promote the new season of his series Orange is the New Black. After hearing some of Biggs’ body-shaming of his former American Pie co-star Tara Reid, maybe the latest installment of Rivers’ show should be titled Jason is the New Joan.

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While on the show, Biggs was asked who he would kill between Reid and Lindsay Lohan, according to Us Magazine. “Lindsay Lohan stays. She’s got nice boobs,” he said. “She really does. Lindsay’s got nice boobs. Tara’s body, I don’t know what’s going on with it. I don’t think she even knows what’s going on with it.”

“And Lindsay does?” Rivers asked. “Lindsay doesn’t know what’s going on with Tara’s body, either. No one knows what’s going on with Tara’s body,” Biggs shot back.

Biggs also bashed Reid last October while he was on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, calling the Sharknado actress a “hot mess.” Reid did not take to kindly to the insult and tweeted her sadness to Biggs. He brushed off the comment and tweeted, “I love you Tara, it was a joke! Didn’t meant to offend, Totally kidding around! it was a game! Xoxoxo.”

If you’re going to do some on-air body bashing, Joan Rivers is the one to do it with, because she will most likely join right in. In March, the head of the Fashion Police made some disparaging remarks about Lena Dunham’s body while she was on the Howard Stern Show. “Lena Dunham, who I think is, again, terrific… how can she wear dresses above the knee?” Rivers said to Stern. “You’re sending a message out to people saying it’s OK, stay fat, get diabetes, lose your finger.” Rivers has also previously referred to Dunham as “little fat chick.”

Biggs has garnered a reputation for not having a filter, and this is the second time in less than a month that he has come under fire for making a comment in poor taste. In May, Biggs sent out a series of tweets while he was watching The Bachelorette. The Saving Silverman actor threw in some jabs mocking Eric Hill, who was a contestant earlier in the season. Hill died about two months ago in a paragliding accident in Utah.

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