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VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon, Gov. Chris Christie are dancing dads

It’s another one of Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious videos. This time he’s an embarrassing dad on the dance floor with Governor Chris Christie.

We all remember our dads embarrassing us out on the dance floor at family parties and weddings over the years. In honor of Father’s Day, Jimmy Fallon, along with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, danced their way through a viral video of the “History of Dad Dancing” on The Tonight Show.

In true dad form, the talk-show host was outfitted in khakis, deck shoes, a blue polo shirt and a big gray mustache. Christie copied that look as the two dancing dads shimmied their way through some hilarious moves.

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From the “Lawn Mower” to the “Belt Grabber,” awkward dad moves were in full effect throughout the entire video. While Fallon danced rather confidently throughout the piece, the governor often looked a little ill at ease. He was often seen glancing at the TV personality to double check he was in time with his dance partner.

The men’s favorite dance was clearly “The Dance You Do at a Springsteen Concert” as they played air guitars and rocked out to the Boss’ tunes. It’s probably the most masculine moment of the entire piece.

The three-minute video ends with a nod to Christie’s recent George Washington Bridge scandal with Fallon wagging his finger for the “This Bridge is Closed” dance. The politician dramatically storms off the set only to return for an encore of the Springsteen concert dance moves.

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The possible 2016 presidential candidate is working hard to rebrand his image after his administration closed traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September. It caused a four-day traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The governor claims to have no knowledge of the closure.

Will this help his marred image? Watch Governor Chris Christie dance with Jimmy Fallon.

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