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Switched at Birth: Katie Leclerc promises insanity ahead

In our exclusive interview, Switched at Birth star Katie Leclerc teases what’s coming up in the remainder of Season 3, including a traumatic event that will change Daphne in ways that fans will never see coming.

The last time we saw the gang from Switched at Birth, most everyone’s life had been tossed into turmoil at the end of the spring finale. One person whose life seemed to be moving in the right direction though was Daphne, but that may not last for long.

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SheKnows spoke exclusively to Leclerc about Daphne and what the recent attack against her mother Regina has done to her. As it turns out, Daphne didn’t take the vandalism well at all.

“We find out this season that Daphne is definitely a little bit shocked and traumatized and affected by what happened,” Leclerc revealed. “The brick probably missed her by 3 feet, but in her mind it was by an inch!”

Daphne has always been very independent and tough, but it looks like those traits might actually get her in trouble this season. “She had a wonderful upbringing,” Leclerc said about Daphne. “Her wonderful parents gave her so much confidence and so much life, and she kind of uses that confidence maybe a little bit too much. She decides she’s going to go confront the guy who threw the brick. Thankfully, she brings Bay with her, because safety in numbers, but she definitely puts herself in a compromising position.”

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What else will Daphne be up to this season? Hang onto your hats, people, because things are about to get intense.

“As the season goes on, we’re still with Campbell, life is OK, we’re going forward. Everything’s OK, and then there is this really, insanely traumatic event, and everything changes for Daphne. Every single thing is not what it used to be. My character is insane. I cannot wait for [fans] to see what happens. I can’t give away too much, but the choices that Daphne starts to make are something so unpredictable and something that I would’ve never expected — not only from the creators of our show, but ABC Family — to go with. We’re taking risks, and it’s really exciting. It’s so much fun to play!” Leclerc said.

Earlier in the season, Daphne had quite the dilemma on her hands when she had to choose between Jorge and Campbell. Ultimately, she chose Campbell, but it was for reasons that might surprise some fans.

“I think that she was really attracted to his attitude,” Leclerc shared. “Campbell is a little bit of a daredevil, he’s a little bit dangerous. I think that’s something that maybe she’s not seeking, but when it’s in front of her it’s kind of different and interesting and maybe challenging in a way that Jorge wasn’t. Jorge’s a little bit safer, and I think she’s a little bit attracted to that danger.”

Is it possible that Campbell might end up being a bad influence on Daphne? It looks like it could be a possible outcome. “Definitely as the season goes on, I think that attraction for danger grows. I definitely think that Campbell was a big part of that, and opening her mind to everybody’s not the same,” Leclerc said.

What about Daphne’s dreams to become a doctor? “At this point, I think [becoming a doctor is] definitely something that’s still in her mind. [But] it’s senior year, Daphne gets ‘senioritis.’ It’s a struggle for her, and she kind of loses some enthusiasm for life, for school, for all of those things.”

It’s a struggle that Leclerc can relate to herself. “I certainly did as a senior as well, so I think that’s kind of a normal thing,” Leclerc said.

As for Leclerc, she hopes Daphne will continue to pursue her dreams. “I think that the medical field is something that is very intriguing to her and from an audience perspective, I think it’s very interesting. I hope we continue with the doctor thing because I think it’s a great message to show young, deaf kids. You can be a doctor, you can be a journalist, you can be whatever you want to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re deaf or hearing, you just have to have drive, and I hope we don’t give up on that,” Leclerc said.

In our interview with Vanessa Marano before the spring finale, we asked her if she preferred when Daphne and Bay were fighting or when they got along. Leclerc agreed with her co-star for the most part.

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“I feel like Vanessa’s answer was that she likes when we are not getting along so that we can carpool,” Leclerc said with a laugh, adding, “I think I like it when we’re not getting along, just because I get to see Vanessa more, but storyline-wise, I think it is better when they are getting along just because they’re sisters, and they should love each other.”

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