Marc Anthony’s child support dues could have been worse

Marc Anthony’s child support payments have just doubled, but there’s a good reason he may still be smiling today after a judge’s ruling.

Marc Anthony isn’t exactly a winner in his fight with ex-wife Dayanara Torres over how much child support he should pay monthly for their two sons, but things could have been a lot worse for Anthony if she’d completely gotten her way.

Word broke Friday that a judge ordered the singer to pay $26,000 per month to support Christian Anthony Muñiz and Ryan Anthony Muñiz. The amount is double what he had been paying but still a far cry from the amount the former beauty queen initially requested.

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Though it’s tough to believe, Torres originally asked the courts to raise her typically friendly ex‘s payments from $13,400 per month to a whopping $123,426 per month.

In addition to her request for increased child support, the 39-year-old beauty claimed that she needed between $4,000 and $7,000 a month for a nanny and a housekeeper and that she has been forced to sell her home and move into “a hovel” in Los Angeles.

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As part of his reasoning against paying such a large amount, Anthony brought in an expert to weigh in on the dangerous effects affluence could have on their two sons. TMZ previously reported that the psychologist’s written declaration to the judge discussed the “problems of children who are raised with near unlimited funds, particularly children in Los Angeles whose parents have made very large amounts of money in the entertainment industry.”

The expert added that children from exceptionally wealthy families “become high-risk for illicit drugs, alcohol and a fast-paced lifestyle that they are not emotionally capable of handling” in their tween and teen years.

Anthony isn’t alone in having hefty child support payments to make. Halle Berry was ordered just this week to pay $16,000 per month to Gabriel Aubry to support their daughter Nahla.

What do you make of a star having to pay so much child support?


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