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American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson doubles your pleasure

Check out the new photo of Sarah Paulson in her latest role for American Horror Story‘s Season 4, Freak Show.

American Horror Story has reinvented itself every season, but Season 4 could be the freakiest installment yet. And we mean that literally.

A few months ago, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy announced that the new season of AHS would be centered on a freak show in a 1950s carnival. It’s a description that sets one’s imagination running with images of scary clowns, people eating fire and doing contortions that would make your stomach turn.

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The latest bit of information isn’t stomach-turning so much as it is intriguing. Star Sarah Paulson posted a picture on Twitter that showed what character she would be playing in Season 4.

Or should we say, what characters.

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Paulson revealed that she has taken on the roles of Bette and Dot, conjoined twins that are part of the carnival’s set of “freaks.” The photo shows Paulson looking as lovely as ever, times two. It’s impossible to know yet which twin is Bette and which is Dot, but they both seem to have a lot of class and style. Their hair and makeup is flawless and from what we can see of their dress, it looks like the picture of fashion for the time.

After seeing the photo we have to wonder how Bette and Dot came to be in a freak show in the first place. They don’t seem to belong in that type of environment, though it is a sad fact that people weren’t as tolerant of differences back in those days. Are the twins two ladies who, if they’d been born at another time, would be running a corporation today? Or is there some sinister secret they are hiding that explains why they might just belong in a freak show?

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Details about the newest season are still sparse but if Paulson’s photo is any indication, it could end up being the most disturbing yet.

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