Let’s play a little game: Real Kim Kardashian or wax figure?

There is a subtle line between flawless and fake, and Kim Kardashian is looking so flawless these days that it’s getting increasingly difficult to tell if she’s a real person or not. Play this game of “real or fake” and see how you do.

The game

Before we begin, please bear in mind this is not a snarkfest. Sure, Kim Kardashian personifies why other countries hate us, and yes — her whiny voice should be used on terrorists instead of waterboarding — but Kim is looking amazing these days. She’s also built a vast empire out of an inappropriate tape, so she must have something going on upstairs. Still, when looking at her pictures lately, she looks so freakin’ perfect that it’s hard to tell if it’s her or a wax figure of her. Join us in a little game of “real or fake.”

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Real or fake?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wax figure

Photo credits Chris Conner/WENN, WENN

If you think neither of these images look like Kim Kardashian, you are correct. This is a trick challenge because the one of Kardashian in the blue dress was taken in 2007. Kim’s overall appearance is similar, but if you look at her face feature by feature, time has definitely altered her look — either naturally or artificially. The picture on the right is of a Kim Kardashian wax figure in Madame Tussauds (in Times Square in New York City, New York).

Kim Kardashian wax figure

Kim Kardashian

Photo credits Getty Images, WENN

OK, so the dude behind Kim on the image on the right sort of gives this one away, but look at how perfectly flawless Kardashian is. It’s almost eerie. The image on the left is also Kardashian perfection, but it’s wax. We have no idea how the new bride achieves this look — we’re starting to suspect she’s privy to plastic surgery procedures that aren’t available to the rest of us. Now for fun, compare the picture on the right with the real Kim in the blue dress above. See? She doesn’t look anything like her 2007 self.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wax figure

Photo credits Kim Kardashian Instagram/WENN

Will the real Kim K please stand up? The image on the left inspired the idea for this comparison. Kim looks so perfect, she looks almost plastic. It’s hard to tell if we’re looking at the real Kim K or a wedding Kim K Barbie doll. The image on the right is a wax figure…or is it? Ha, ha. Yes, it is. You know you’ve arrived when the folks at Madame Tussauds think you are worthy of fashioning a heap of wax into your exact likeness.


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