Miranda Kerr still has sporadic negative emotions after split

Miranda Kerr admitted she still has bad days and negative emotions following her split from husband Orlando Bloom.

While Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom still do love each other, the couple’s breakup can still be hard on the stunning supermodel.

Talking to The Edit magazine, Kerr said that there are still lots of bumps in her amicable relationship with Bloom and her emotions sometimes get the best of her.

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“We all have bad days and negative emotions,” Kerr said. “But I’ve realized it’s important to sit with it and let it pass, and if it doesn’t pass, choose a thought that will help it pass.”

The brunette beauty added that she finds it helpful to focus on what she’s grateful for, adding that “having perspective is key.” Kerr also said she was a “heart-centered” person and always tries to find the best in every situation, “no matter what it is.” If it is something sad or upsetting, she always believes there is a reason for it.

Since their split, Kerr and Bloom have been spotted together on several occasions with their son Flynn, 3. The pair has said their main focus is on co-parenting their son and want to remain united for his sake.

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Kerr has also kept quite busy after her breakup, carrying on with several projects in addition to her modeling. The Australian bombshell and entrepreneur has been studying nutrition and recently became a certified health practitioner to better develop her new skin care line KORA Organics.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel has also been modeling for H&M and recently appeared in Vogue magazine, although she doesn’t necessarily consider herself a model.

“From my first photo shoot at 14, I never saw myself as a model,” Kerr admitted. “If someone asks me what I do, I say, ‘I have my own skin care line.’ I don’t define myself as a model.”


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