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Kris Jenner: Nicole Brown Simpson feared O.J. would kill her

It has been 20 years since Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were killed, and now her friend Kris Jenner is opening up about Nicole’s state of mind before her murder.

Kris Jenner and her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian found themselves embroiled in the trial of the century when football player O.J. Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. But the Kardashians weren’t just involved because Robert Kardashian was O.J. Simpson’s lawyer during the trial — they were good friends with the couple before Nicole’s murder.

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On the 20th anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson’s death, Jenner is opening up about her friend and her state of mind just before her murder.

“She told me, ‘Things are really bad between O.J. and I and he’s going to kill me and he’s going to get away with it,'” Jenner shared with Dateline. “‘You’ll watch and see what happens.’ She knew exactly what was going to happen to her.”

Simpson was found, along with her friend Ron Goldman, murdered in her home on June 12, 1994.

Jenner and Kardashian were divorced a full four years before the murders, and he went on to be one of O.J.’s lawyers during the trial.

Robert Kardashian was the father of Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Rob. He died of cancer in 2003.

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Others are also opening up about the murders. Houseguest Kato Kaelin explained, in a separate interview, how O.J. had asked him to provide an alibi for the time of the murders.

O.J. Simpson was found not guilty during the trial, but was found guilty of battery against Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in a later civil suit and was ordered to pay Goldman’s father more than $30 million. He was arrested in a 2007 armed robbery and is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence in that case.

You can watch Jenner’s full interview Wednesday night, June 11, on Dateline on NBC.

Watch a clip here

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