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Lily Tomlin: Beyoncé sells too much “sex to teeny-boppers

Lily Tomlin doesn’t dislike Beyoncé, but she thinks her singing and image sell too much sex to young “teeny-boppers.”

Everyone may be on the Beyoncé train these days, but Lily Tomlin would rather ride the less-favored opinion wave after saying that Queen Bey is a major selling point for sex to young girls.

In a recent interview in Between the Lines, Tomlin was asked what she thought of Beyoncé and she unexpectedly said she thinks the music icon is “selling a lot of sex to teeny-boppers.”

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When asked to elaborate, the Malibu Country star said Beyoncé may be pretty, popular and powerful, “but she’s still selling sex.” And even when told that the superstar’s huge audience may take offense to the actress’ comments, Tomlin stood by her opinion, although she was a bit softer about it.

“I like her! I don’t dislike her! But I don’t pay attention to that because — I mean, she’s fantastically beautiful and dances, but, you know, it’s very suggestive,” Tomlin said. “If I was a 10-year-old, I would try to emulate her like most 10-year-olds do.”

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Tomlin went on, revealing that while she’s familiar with Beyoncé’s image and her steamy vivaciousness, she wouldn’t really recognize her songs. But, she does credit her overly sexualized style to the culture in general. “The culture is so sexualized with girls and women,” she noted.

“I was in a recording studio and a little girl who was about 4 years old was watching TV,” Tomlin said about a recent event that reiterated her opinion of culture and sex. “And somebody’s dancing on the TV in very elaborate, sexually overt dance steps and the little girl goes, ‘Oh, she’s hot.’ I’m thinking, ‘This is a 4-year-old!'”

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Tomlin, a known staunch feminist, says she railed against rock ‘n’ roll back in the day because it was so male-dominated. But, while many women are on top of the music world these days, they still use their sexuality to influence young girls and record sales.

That was the main reason Tomlin went against the modern music movement in the first place. “I railed against the fact that girls were used sexually, that they would just follow guys all over the planet.”

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