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INTERVIEW: Vanessa Carlton on what to expect from her next album

Vanessa Carlton discusses her inspiration for new music and what’s next for her, including the Surfrider Foundation’s concert on the beach.

It’s hard to believe it has been over a decade since Vanessa Carlton’s hit song “A Thousand Miles” topped the charts, but the singer still manages to find inspiration for new music constantly. She’s currently finishing her new album though a release date and title are still in the works.

“It’s just fun to play new stuff, just test it out, you know? People respond to it in a pretty cool way,” Carlton told us.

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She’s planning a mini tour right now following another mini tour she did in October. She plans to play a similar set for her upcoming shows. Namely, she’s experimenting with new sounds for her upcoming album.

“It’s an interesting mix,” Carlton says of her new album.

She worked with Steve Osborne on the album, who also produced with her for her last album Rabbits on the Run.

Carlton explained why she chose Osborne for her most recent album. “He’s kind of famous for his really incredible sonics and dreamscape kind of aesthetic,” she said.

“I think this album is much more driven by wanting to just hear certain sounds when I walk into a place….” Carlton continued by saying, “I just want to make a dream reference to that, that kind of really long, meditative walk. I’m more so driven by sonic sounds that I am really attracted to.”

She said fans can expect interesting instrumentals and cool sounds.

In the midst of touring and finishing her new music, Carlton has also become involved in the Surfrider Foundation’s beach cleanup efforts. The organization has partnered with Barefoot Wine to bring a beach cleanup event to New York this Saturday, June 14. Following the beach cleanup event, Carlton will play a concert for the volunteers who supported the cleanup efforts.

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“On Saturday, it’s a free event,” Carlton told us. “It’s volunteers. What we kinda hope is like a lot of people will show up to the beach and help clean it up. We give them bags and stuff. And then at the end, we meet in a place off the beach, you get food, and I play a little show. And it’s totally free.”

Carlton said she was initially unaware of the organization, but they reached out to her to be involved. “I didn’t know that beach rescue organization existed. It’s so bada**. I mean, it’s so important.”

“There’s more of these beach rescues… There’s a whole list that they do during the year,” she said. Carlton encouraged interested people to visit for more information. There are multiple cleanup efforts hosted throughout the year, though, for now, Carlton will only be performing at the New York event this Saturday.

Carlton passionately encouraged people to participate. “If you like the beach at all, just think about the fact that it kind of needs you more than just lying on it and sunning. If you ever see trash anywhere, it’s really nice to just pick it up. It really makes a difference. And if people wanted to do this at this event, they can come and I will play for them. I mean, it would be my pleasure.”

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