Lena Dunham’s Late Night interpretive dance: 7 Strangest moves as GIFs

Lena Dunham can’t always make the best choices. Her moves during Sia’s performance on Late Night may have been proof.

If you thought the end of Girls would give you a much-needed 10-month break from Lena Dunham, you were sadly mistaken. Since apparently she won’t be happy until she’s ruined everything and everyone, she’s still finding the most obnoxious ways possible to invade our lives. This time around, she ruined a perfectly decent episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers and destroyed what could have been an awesome Sia performance by showing up in an all-white suit and doing an interpretive “dance” during Sia’s performance of “Chandelier.” The results were… interesting.

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Who are we kidding? They were downright strange. We’re all for people who are willing to put themselves out there, but after a while it stops becoming a unique turn of events or overcoming your shyness/insecurities and starts to get tiresome. This clumsy and redundant performance was exactly that. Seriously. How many times does a girl need to do jazz hands around her bulged-out eyes?

The strangest moments

Lena Dunham

That’s a lot of ‘tude and swerve from a white girl raised in an upper middle-class home, right? And it’s a little like the head of Oz.

Lena Dunham

Gah. Who told her this was a great move? Someone caption this “Fee Fi Fo Fum” and turn it into a meme.

Lena Dunham

No, Lena. Just… no. This is gross and disturbing.

Lena Dunham

And by “interpretive dancing” what we really mean is just a bunch of shaking of her blond hair and too much jazz hands.

Lena Dunham

We imagine this is probably the kind of fit Dunham threw when she (apparently) asked her parents to fund her film Tiny Furniture.

Lena Dunham

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Quick, Sia! Dunham is about to attack.

Lena Dunham

Well… that escalated far too slowly for our taste. Would it have ended sooner if she’d crawled into bed at the beginning?

What else can we say? This was just a little too weird for us. Do you disagree? We’re sure you do, so leave your comments below and tell us why Dunham is your genius feminist hero.

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