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Adam Sandler admits he bribes daughters with burgers

Hollywood dad Adam Sandler has revealed that his parenting secrets involve bribing his young daughters.

Adam Sandler may be a highly sought after comedic actor, but he is also a father to two daughters, Sunny, 6, and Sadie, 8. So how does the actor manage to juggle his career and parenting? Well, apparently Sandler makes things easier for himself by bribing his daughters.

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According to Us Weekly, the Blended actor revealed he used talented teen actress Bella Thorne as bribery for his daughters.

“I used Bella to get closer with my kids. It felt right. My kids love Bella!” the actor confessed at the press junket of his new movie Blended, the magazine reports.

Sandler shares his two girls with actress Jackie Titone — who he married in 2003 — and he doesn’t only bribe his daughters with Thorne, he also offers them fast food.

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“It’s fun to show up, because at our school, you can go to lunch with your kids. You just show up with an In-N-Out burger and your kid loves you more,” Sandler joked to reporters. “That night, when they’re mad at you, you’re like, ‘Remember the In-N-Out!'”

OK, so Sandler makes a living out of making jokes, so it’s not surprising he’d joke with reporters about his parenting philosophies. But in all seriousness, how does the Grown Ups actor feel about family?

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It sounds like Sandler really enjoys being a dad, but he knows it’s hard work, and he’s admitted that he and his wife often fall asleep and are unable to do anything in the evening.

Sandler talked about this past Mother’s Day, when he and his wife had planned to watch a movie, but everyone fell asleep. “Yeah, we’re not doing this,” the actor recalled. “[That’s the] difference when you have kids — it’s pathetic if someone wants to meet you after 9:30 at night. The hours are tough!”

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