GIFs: 5 Boozy moments from Psy and Snoop’s “Hangover

Psy is back, and this time, he’s partying with Snoop Dogg. Yup, you read correctly. The Korean viral sensation is partying it up with D-O-Double-G, and they’re getting absolutely wasted in their new video “Hangover.”

1. Psy shots

Within the first minute of the video, Psy is already having a blast at a table full of shot glasses set up like dominoes. Where is this party, and why weren’t we invited?


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2. Drinking with strangers

We’re all guilty of inviting that one crazy girl in the bar to drink with us. In Psy and Snoop’s case, they’ve invited two women to sit at their table as they pour a few shots and begin their wild evening out. Bottoms up!

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3. Drunk dancing

Remember that one time when your best friend grabbed her phone and started filming you dancing outside a taxi after a few drinks? Well, now Snoop Dogg knows what that feels like — or at least, that’s how it looks after his little improv dance. Stick to your day job, Snoop.

4. Snoop skip

Psy and Snoop’s evening out gets even more bizarre when they take to an empty carnival ground for an evening skip. Watch that three-second GIF carefully, because you’ll probably never again see Snoop Dogg joyously skipping along, holding the hands of two unknown Asian women and Psy. We mean it.

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5. Binge eating

If there’s one way to end a boozy night out, it’s with a late night snack — or in Snoop and Psy’s case, an over-the-top eating marathon. On your mark, get set, go!


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