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Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas had ongoing problems

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas apparently had ongoing issues for years before the Working Girl star finally decided to pull the plug on their marriage.

While they told the public that their divorce is an amicable one, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas‘ relationship wasn’t as picture-perfect as most believed.

Together for 18 years, Griffith and Banderas always gave the illusion they had a great romance throughout their longtime relationship. However, it wasn’t always rosy between the pair, and they had been having issues for years, People claims.

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“The split is not something new and out of the blue; they have had issues for years,” an insider close to Griffith told the publication. “The fights and separations got to be too much.”

Additionally, Banderas’ constant traveling affected his relationship with Griffith, as he was so often absent from home. “He has always led an international life and during the times they were apart for business or film work, he began to live his own life away from her,” the source continued.

But, another source close to the couple claims that when they were apart, Griffith and Banderas talked on the phone several times a day and “seemed to make it work.” The duo also spent lots of time at their home in Marbella, Spain, and took time to be together with their kids when they were in LA.

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Meanwhile, recent rumors claimed that the Spanish actor was having an affair with his Expendables 3 costar, Natalie Burn, after the duo was seen dancing a steamy flamenco together at the Cannes Film Festival. Burn, however, said she has nothing going on with Banderas, and that the Machete Kills star actually told her he was trying to save his marriage to Griffith.

“I know he mentioned he had some problems [in his marriage]. In Cannes he was saying that he was trying to fix the marriage,” Burns told RadarOnline. “He’s deeply in love with her… In Cannes he was sad, which is why he told people and how much he wanted to work it out.”

So far, though, it seems Banderas has had no luck in convincing Griffith to stay with him, as the award-winning actress filed for divorce on June 6.

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