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POLL: Should Latin pop band Camila have played Miss USA?

Mexican pop/rock group Camila performed at the 2014 Miss USA pageant, and it turned out to be a very polarizing act.

Twitter users once again showed their ignorance of the makeup of the U.S. population when the social media site exploded over Mexican pop band Camila performing in Spanish at the Miss USA pageant on Sunday.

Detractors said that a song sung in Spanish by a Mexican musical act has no place in the Miss USA pageant because English is the official language of the country despite the fact that 37.6 million people over age 5 speak Spanish at home. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, Spanish is the second most common language in the land.

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But not everyone thinks such a huge part of our population deserves to be recognized as illustrated by the hate-filled comments filling the Twitterverse on Sunday night — and ironically many were littered with spelling and grammar errors, totally butchering the language they were making a misguided attempt at defending.

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Not everyone was so displeased about the performance, though. Many people were actually psyched to see diversity represented in the pageant in a new and meaningful way.

Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez — of Latin origin herself — won the title of Miss USA.

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