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SNEAK PEEK: Will Salem‘s visitor find Cotton in the cathouse?

Ready for another titillating episode of Salem? From the looks of this sneak peek, one of our favorite couples may soon reach their end. Oh, no! Mean ol’ Dad.

We’re smack dab in the middle of a spectacular premiere season from Salem and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. From last week’s delicious sixsome with John Alden and a gaggle of ladies to the near-constant creepfest, Salem keeps us on the edge of our seats, in the fetal position and with our fleece throws pulled up tightly under our chins. This week is no different, and it looks especially disconcerting after watching this worrisome sneak peek.

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You’d think that as a grown man, Cotton Mather would no longer fear the cold stare and religious power his father, Increase, can rain down upon him. Not only does Cotton remain ever worried over his father’s opinion, but it turns out the handsome minister downright cowers in fear of the famous Reverend Mather. Granted, in this instance, Cotton is about to be caught at the Divining Rod, Salem’s house of ill repute. Still, we can’t help but roll our eyes as Cotton scuttles beneath his girl Gloriana’s bed.

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However, Salem fans have more to worry about than what Increase will do if he discovers Cotton. In an official episode description, we’re told “accusations within Salem intensify and Cotton must deal with a painful turn of events.” We don’t suppose they mean physically painful? No, no. We’re fairly certain Gloriana is about to be the next victim in Mary’s quest for the Grand Rite. Poor Cotton. Gloriana may be a lady of the night, but she’s also the only girl for the world’s hottest young reverend.

Salem, Gloriana and Cotton Photo credit: WGN America

We can only cross our fingers and hope we’re wrong. To find out if Cotton and Gloriana can escape Increase Mather’s hunt, tune into Salem this Sunday, June 8 at 10/9c on WGN America.

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