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Geeking Out: Wil Wheaton’s funny, sarcastic new Project

In case you missed the (virtually unfindable) announcement: Wil Wheaton has his own new show and it’s absolutely worth your time.

Geeks: Wil Wheaton is back on the tube and we don’t mean playing himself in that obnoxious bit part on The Big Bang Theory. This time he’s flaunting his true nerdiness and showing off his goofball side on his own show on SyFy. Is The Wil Wheaton Project perfect? No. But it has enormous potential and we already kind of love it.

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The Wil Wheaton Project premiered with seemingly no hype at all. We found it one evening while enthralled in a couple episodes of Heroes of Cosplay (also an amazingly entertaining chunk of original television brought to us by SyFy). His new show is like a strangely beautiful mash-up of Tosh.O and @midnight, with @midnight‘s dominant genes. Basically, it’s a lot of Wheaton being a huge nerd in front of a television screen and making fun of geekery found on the internet.

Oh — and there are games. Recently, Wheaton’s guest, the gorgeous Felicia Day, dropped by and the two pals play a game of “How Will They Die?” The two reunited and watched clips from absolutely awful films of the horror/supernatural variety. They’d pause the film before someone was killed and then guessed how the person’s life would end. From being snatched up by a rock man thing attached to the side of a mountain to watching The Monkee’s Micky Dolenz getting attacked by a reptilian creature, Day and Wheaton had tons of fun. Possibly more than viewers.

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We’re genuinely excited for Wheaton’s return to television, but The Wil Wheaton Project definitely needs some tweaking. Wheaton’s snarky and hilarious comments on geek culture happenings are amusing enough to possibly pull in the Nerdist crowd. Adding in that mix of cultish (or just completely unknown) horror films adds an air of uniqueness to it. However, Wheaton looks a little awkward standing in front of that TV screen. It worked for Daniel Tosh’s frat-boy vibe, but we expect more from Wheaton. It would make a world of difference for the show if SyFy would toss Wheaton into a leather chair and bring his guest out to help with the riffing. In general, though, it’s a cool concept and a great stab at a talk show for SyFy.

The Wil Wheaton Project is packed with potential, mostly because of its well-loved host. Stick with it, guys. You’re sitting on gold. The Wil Wheaton Project airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on SyFy. We approve.

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