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Model Lara Stone was sacked from a job for being pregnant

Uh-oh! Model Lara Stone has revealed she was previously fired from a job after she informed her bosses that she was pregnant.

While most moms are celebrating the fact that they are pregnant, Lara Stone had a much more difficult time. Why? because she was fired from a job after she revealed that she was pregnant with her first child, a baby boy named Alfred — born last May — with her British comedian husband David Walliams.

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In a candid recent interview for Porter magazine’s summer issue, the 30-year-old model recalled how she was sacked.

According to Us Weekly, the model said per the London Evening Standard that she found out she was pregnant just before she was about to shoot for a major gig. And although Stone was quick to inform those who booked her that she was expecting, they booked another model instead.

“I was really upset at the time,” Stone said. “I hadn’t yet had my three-month scan and I felt really vulnerable about everything. I no longer had a job. That was it — I had to just stop everything that I knew; the way my life was.”

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The model continued to face discrimination after the birth of her son. “I’ve had a few meetings because when they hear pregnancy they freak out a bit, so they need to see if I fit in their clothes,” she confessed.

“Everyone’s so nice to you all the time. And it’s like, ‘Ugh,’ you don’t have to be. It feels quite alienating because it’s like everyone’s just lying to you. Because everyone’s like, ‘You’re great!’ And you’re, ‘Well, obviously I’m not.'”

And it wasn’t just Stone’s pregnancy that made her feel vulnerable — she also battled to get used to her post-baby body.

“Once the baby was out, I was like, ‘What the hell is going on? My arms don’t fit into my sweaters,'” she recalled. “I couldn’t get my jeans over my knees. I couldn’t find a bra that fitted me. I had body dysmorphia but the wrong way round.”

Regardless of the Dutch model’s past difficulties, she now appears to be content with her life and is enjoying motherhood.

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“We’ve just bought a house together, and we’ve got this lovely baby and lovely dog,” she said of Walliams, “and everything is so nice.”

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