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Hollywood sex abuse accuser drops lawsuit

Michael Egan’s sex-abuse suit against David Neuman has been dismissed.

Michael Egan, the man who accused X-Men director Bryan Singer and several other Hollywood heavyweights of horrific sexual abuse, has dropped one of his complaints.

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A lawsuit against former Disney TV executive David Neuman was dismissed this week after Neuman’s lawyers pointed out a hole in Egan’s accusations against Neuman and three other defendants, according to the New York Times. Egan’s suits had asserted that he was drugged and raped by the defendants years ago in Hawaii, but apparently previous testimony given by Egan in another case had stated that he was not in Hawaii during the period covered by the current complaint. Egan filed a voluntary motion to dismiss after the new information was brought to light.

Egan first came forward with the accusations against Singer, Neuman and Hollywood executives Garth Ancier and Gary Goddard in mid-April. Egan, who is now in his 30s, claims he was abused by all four men when he was between the ages of 15 and 17. He says he was lured in under the pretense that he would be given movie roles. According to Egan, he was put on payroll to attend parties, then was drugged and expected to perform sexual acts on adult males. He also claims he was raped if he did not comply.

Soon after the allegations hit the media, Singer issued a statement proclaiming his innocence. “The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false,” he said. “I do not want any of these claims to divert any attention from X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

Singer and Goddard were hit with a second suit by a separate accuser in early May as well. An anonymous British man claims he was abused by the the two men while he was still underage and is suing both of them for sexual assault.

Singer, Goddard and Ancier’s attorneys are using the withdrawal of the suit against Neuman to better the defense of their own clients, stating that the voluntarily dismissal illustrates Egan’s “total lack of credibility.” Singer’s attorney, Marty Singer, stated that Egan “should have never sued any of the four defendants in Hawaii.”

Egan’s complaints against Bryan Singer are scheduled to be heard in the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii on August 4, and the motions to dismiss filed by Ancier and Goddard are scheduled to be heard in the same court on July 28, according to the New York Times.

Egan’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, has yet to comment on the dismissal.

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