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Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan mock Solange, Jay Z elevator fight

Miss the CMT Music Awards? If you only watch one video from the show, the intro is the way to go. But remember: “What happens in the elevator stays in the elevator.”

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Kristen Bell was back to host the CMT Music Awards again, and she was better than ever. But what really made her night so special was the outstanding help she got from all the goofballs in the country music business during her opening sequence. The best part? When Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan recreated the elevator fight between Jay Z and Solange.

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We’re not sure what caused the fake fight because, just like their inspiration, the video was silent and in black and white. But Florida and Georgia definitely went at it, with Luke Bryan doing the honorable thing by trying to hold them apart. When the elevator doors opened to take Bell up to the stage, the boys were still fighting but quickly scattered and exited the elevator.

The oh-so-hot and charming Bryan sealed the deal by squeezing past Bell, then turning turning back and warning, “Remember: What happens in the elevator stays in the elevator.”

What else could she do but agree?

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Before Bell got to the elevator, she was having a pretty rough night. First, she was stressed out about her lack of co-host. She spent time on a fake dating site looking for celebs to co-host with her. She even went out with her hubby, Dax Shepard, to see if he was right for the job. Sadly, he decided all work and no sex sounded a lot like his marriage and passed. Finally, Bell decided to go it alone. Full of confidence, she made her way to the stage, only to be confronted with Nashville’s finest all offering less-than-helpful advice. Our favorite? Alan Jackson telling Bell, “Whatever you do, Sugar, it’ll be better than that gal who hosted this thing last year.” (Which, of course, was also Kristen Bell.)

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