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Melissa McCarthy denied by big-name Oscar gown makers

Melissa McCarthy has experienced firsthand how much size matters in Hollywood. Speaking with Redbook, the actress opened up about how hard she had to try to find something to wear to the Oscars.

Despite having become a household name, life isn’t always easy for Melissa McCarthy. The actress, who has regularly spoken openly about her plus-size figure, revealed to Redbook that she had a terrible time finding something to wear to the Oscars despite sending out multiple requests for a gown.

“When I go shopping, most of the time I’m disappointed,” the Mike & Molly actress explained. “Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me. I asked five or six designers — very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people — and they all said no.”

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It’s too bad McCarthy didn’t take matters into her own hands, as it seems she has some little-known talent for creating looks.

Opening up about an interesting phase she went through in her college years, the mother of two admitted, “I wore white kabuki makeup, had blue-black hair. At one point I shaved an inch and a half around my hairline and continued the white makeup up so it made my head look slightly deformed.

“I thought it was hilarious. I was in a little town and I just got a kick out of it. I was never sullen. I was a terrible punk — I was still so chatty.”

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That upbeat attitude and a dose of maturity are what help McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone, who is also an actor, keep it real.

“Success doesn’t define us, even though we love what we do,” the funny woman went on to say. “The important thing is our family and kids. I see teenagers or people who are 21 and think, ‘I was an idiot at that age.’ I was running around New York like a crazy woman. Thank God I only had three and a half cents to my name. I was too immature to handle success then.”

Perhaps her unarguable success in recent years will help those designers think twice when the Oscars roll around again? Here’s hoping.

You can check out more from Redbook in the magazine’s latest issue or online.

What do you make of Oscar-level designers turning down Melissa McCarthy?

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