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Gwyneth Paltrow explains how water has feelings

Gwyneth Paltrow never ceases to shock with her blog posts, and in the latest she explained how water has feelings and can be affected by our negativity.

Gwyneth Paltrow has always been a little different than the average duck, but with her blog, she is letting her fans into her most personal thoughts and feelings. And it is interesting, to say the least.

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Paltrow wrote a new post for her Goop blog, and this time she enlightened her readers on her feelings about water.

“I am fascinated by the growing science behind the energy of consciousness and its effects on matter,” Paltrow wrote. “I have long had Dr. Emoto’s coffee table book on how negativity changes the structure of water, how the molecules behave differently depending on the words or music being expressed around it.”

The actress was referring to Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto and his books that say water is affected by the human consciousness. He has written that the structure of water can change based on your mood. According to Us Weekly, one of his most famous experiments involved yelling at rice to see if it affected its structure.

Paltrow invited friend Dr. Habib Sadeghi to “explain further” on her blog, and he said, “Emoto’s experiments proved that energy generated by positive or negative words can actually change the physical structure of an object.

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“When frozen, water that’s free from all impurities will form beautiful ice crystals that look exactly like snowflakes under a microscope. Water that’s polluted, or has additives like fluoride, will freeze without forming crystals,” he explained. “In his experiments, Emoto poured pure water into vials labeled with negative phrases like ‘I hate you’ or ‘fear.’ After 24 hours, the water was frozen, and no longer crystallized under the microscope: It yielded gray, misshapen clumps instead of beautiful lace-like crystals. In contrast, Emoto placed labels that said things like ‘I love you,’ or ‘peace’ on vials of polluted water, and after 24 hours, they produced gleaming, perfectly hexagonal crystals.”

Since her “conscious uncoupling” from husband Chris Martin, Paltrow has made some questionable comments, both on her blog and in the media. While the latest may be more harmless than the others, it still gives a good insight into the mind of Gwyneth Paltrow.

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