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Get kinky with Cassie Alexander’s choose-your-own-erotica

You’re recently divorced when you receive a key in the mail and an invitation to explore your wildest fantasies.

Author Cassie Alexander.

Photo credit: Cassie Alexander

Imagine: You’re free from your horrible husband for the first time in years. You’re given an all-expenses-paid trip to a mysterious place known as The House. You have the key, and when you arrive, there is a note above the door: “All is forgiven, all is forgotten.” What do you do?

So begins Cassie Alexander’s amazingly sensual adult version of your favorite childhood game. We all remember the Choose Your Own Adventure series, right? Slight difference here. In the childhood version, you usually died at the end and had to start over. In Alexander’s The House, you end up shagged-out and panting for more.

Choose your own erotica!

Alexander is best known for her Edie Spence urban fantasy series, although she was a big fan of Choose Your Own Adventure as a kid. The idea for The House came from friend Gemma Depolo.

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“We were at a baby shower together,” says Alexander, “And she knows that I write. Gemma said she’d always been interested in writing a Choose Your Own Adventure erotica novel. I loved the idea immediately and asked for her permission to use it. By the end of the shower, I had a character, a premise and a plan.”

Thank goodness for the horrible boredom of baby showers.

The House is in eBook format for ease of access. As you read, you have the opportunity to click a link to follow your fantasy to the next level — and your choices are varied and not for the faint of heart.

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Alexander says, “I set out to write a book where someone who was open-minded could hop to any page and have a good time in situations they might never have even thought of before. I hope that it’s a little eyebrow-raising, intriguing and that parts of it really turn people on.”

Indeed! There is dude on dude action you can watch or take part in. There’s bondage (you choose dom or sub). There’s one part where you can be seduced by a mermaid. Oh, and how could I forget the Dionysian orgy?

The House is all about you — what you want, when you want it, how you want it. You have your run of the place from dusk till dawn, under the watchful eye of the butler. You’ve been invited to The House by the Master, but will you meet him? Only if you choose the right door.

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Alexander hopes women see The House as a “sex-positive guilty pleasure.” She says, “It’s so hard to carve time out of your life for yourself as it is, and trying new things in real life can be difficult. We all deserve more sex in our lives and more opportunities to feel sexual.”

And it’s so true. When was the last time you took a bath by candlelight? When was the last time you took real time for seduction? As women, we’re all rush-rush. We have jobs, social events, dinners and still need time to do the freaking laundry. The House allows some much-needed escape.

In The House, you ask the butler, “Why me?” Why were you chosen to be mistress of the manor for a night? His response: “Why not you?” Delve into your deepest fantasies in a modern, seductive and creative way with Cassie Alexander and her seriously adult take on a classic literary form.

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