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VIDEO: No one knows who Ryan Lewis is

Ryan Lewis is a Grammy winner and accomplished musician, but apparently no one really knows what he does. Jimmy Fallon sent him out on the streets to see what people know.

Who is Ryan Lewis? Even the casual fan of Macklemore should recognize the name at least as someone associated with the Seattle rapper. But Jimmy Fallon wasn’t sure, and he wanted to test the general public.

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“Everyone knows who Macklemore is, but not many people know who Ryan Lewis is or even what he does,” Fallon explained. “In fact, a lot of self-proclaimed hip-hop fans wouldn’t even recognize Ryan Lewis if they were standing right next to him and talking to him — which is why we sent Ryan Lewis himself, no disguise, out to the streets of New York to ask people what they know about Ryan Lewis.”

Lewis, a DJ and musician, asked self-described hip-hop and Macklemore fans about himself.

“Don’t really know what he does; he’s like a package deal,” said one man. “He comes with Macklemore a lot.”

Another answered that he believes Lewis works with “computers and whatnot.”

Lewis also showed his photo to numerous people, and many couldn’t recognize him — although most of them got the point eventually.

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But the whole thing wasn’t a bust. Lewis got one girl to say he was better-looking than Macklemore.

Lewis kept in good spirits during the episode. Hopefully it helped people remember his face in case this happens to them in the future.

Lewis and Macklemore took home Grammys this year for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album for The Heist, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for “Thrift Shop.”

Watch the video here

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