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Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg marrying at Applebee’s?

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are not a traditional couple, and are not planning a traditional wedding. But is an Applebee’s ceremony in their future?

It may have taken an offhanded comment about her upcoming wedding to make Jenny McCarthy realize how important her words can be to some. During a recent interview with The Boston Herald, McCarthy said she and future husband Donnie Wahlberg would be happy to be married “at an Applebee’s” after seeing the over-the-top spectacle of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s recent wedding (she of course added, “Or Wahlburgers!” speaking of Wahlberg’s family-owned restaurant).

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Applebee’s marketing department quickly took the idea and ran with it, tweeting to the couple.

McCarthy and Wahlberg seem like a fun couple, and actually seemed to be considering the offer, tweeting back and forth.

Whether or not they choose an Applebee’s, the couple is right in the middle of wedding planning.

“We keep going back and forth,” McCarthy told The Boston Herald. “I want the East Coast, he wants the Midwest. I think he’s trying to be chivalrous, to go where the bride’s family is. So who knows where. I wouldn’t be surprised if we just eloped.”

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Luckily, the chain has restaurants all over the country, and looks to be hoping to help with wedding planning. Applebee’s tweeted some ideas for the wedding.

Wahlberg and McCarthy were engaged in April, and the bride-to-be said she is excited to tie the knot.

“I always knew if I didn’t marry a Chicago boy, it would be a Boston boy,” she said. “The cities kind of mirror each other with their down-to-earth approach, real family sensibility. Friendships mean something and Donnie encompasses all those traits. He’s my hero and he’s my fiancé.”

Although the couple has enough money for pretty much any wedding they want, they seem to be seriously considering the offer for an Applebee’s wedding.

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