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Rob Kardashian’s pals worried for his well-being

Friends of Rob Kardashian are worried for his well-being and his ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon, was urged to reach out to the struggling reality star.

Rob Kardashian‘s close pals are very worried about him and have even asked his ex, Adrienne Bailon, to try to reach out to the troubled reality star.

The Kardashian girls’ younger brother has raised concern from friends, and it seems as if things may be worse than people previously believed, Us Weekly claimed. While at the 2014 Fresh Air Fund Gala in New York City last week, Bailon was reportedly told about how bad Kardashian’s situation really was.

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“Adrienne was sitting with Jonathan Cheban,” an eyewitness told the publication. “They were talking about Rob.”

The onlooker claimed that Bailon and Cheban had an “intense” conversation about Kris Jenner’s only biological son that seemed very “serious.

“Jonathan was telling Adrienne she should reach out to Rob. He seemed concerned for him,” the witness added. “Adrienne looked really sad — she was shaking her head, as if she didn’t know what to do or say about the whole thing.”

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Kardashian raised eyebrows when he skipped out on sister Kim’s wedding in Italy, flying back to Los Angeles at the last minute right before the ceremony. The rumor mill claimed that he left because he felt self-conscious about his appearance after gaining a significant amount of weight.

The former DWTS contestant has also been doing weird things on his social media sites such as unfollowing almost everyone on his lists. The Daily Mail reported that Rob was upset with his sisters, especially Khloé, because she told him not to reach out to her ex Lamar Odom. Apparently, the sock designer wanted to talk to Odom about his issues and thought he’d be able to help him out with some personal problems.

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Meanwhile, Rob has vowed to get back in shape by enlisting celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson to set him up with an effective workout routine. But the quiet TV personality is believed to be struggling more than ever, and may be in need of some serious help.

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