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VIDEO: Lady Gaga wants The Biebs’ manager to revive her career

Lady Gaga wants Scooter Braun to save her career after a year of floundering concert ticket and album sales.

Lady Gaga is seeking a popularity boost after a sales slump, and she thinks the brains behind Justin Bieber’s career is the man to help her.

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According to a source close to the Huffington Post, Gaga wants Scooter Braun to manage her career and help her keep her Mother Monster title intact. Braun has been managing Bieber for quite some time and has been there to guide his young protégé through all his recent troubles, which might make Braun a questionable choice for Gaga. However, the “Bad Romance” songstress still allegedly feels that Braun is just the person she needs to revive her career. “If anyone can help Gaga now, it’s Scooter,” said the source. “He’s one of the smartest blokes in the music industry and made Bieber the biggest pop star on the planet. There are a few options for her right now, but Scooter is one of them.”

Lady Gaga’s album and concert sales have been much lower than expected, and her latest single didn’t even manage to crack the American Top 40 charts. That hasn’t happened to the singer since the beginning of her career.

Gaga had an additional spike of bad luck last week, when she was stricken with acute bronchitis and forced to cancel several shows.

We do know that Braun has been known to issue his own brand of tough love when it comes to handling Bieber’s antics. Back in January, the manager posted a serious of tweets stating he would not turn his back on Bieber after he was arrested for DUI, but a source also said that Braun told Bieber, “You’ve gotta get help or I’m done. I’m done with you.”

If Gaga turns to Braun for some career oomph and things don’t work out, there’s always Plan B. When asked if she had plans to ever settle down, Gaga answered, “In five years, I could be. Who’s to say, really? I don’t have my life planned out in that way. I’m actually more than ever trying to really truly live in the moment and just enjoy this time right now.”

What do you think? Scooter Braun: Good for Gaga or career suicide?

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