VIDEO: Ray J freaks out & busts cop car window

Ray J is trying to make headlines of his own, but things don’t seem to be going in his favor.

R&B singer Ray J, widely known for his sex tape with Kim Kardashian (and for offering her the profits as a wedding present), got into a run-in with the cops on Saturday at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel — and let’s just say he wasn’t ready to just let the officers whisk him away peaceably. Now the R&B star is trying to clear his name, telling what really happened and what led to him getting booked on charges of vandalism, trespassing, resisting arrest and battery of a police officer.

Ray J told TMZ the whole kicking-the-window-out-of-the-cop-car ordeal happened because he was getting “very claustrophobic” sitting inside the car and needed some fresh air. He also said that the hotel made up the story of him grabbing a girl’s butt because his friends were probably too loud and the hotel wanted them out. This led to him becoming very angry and caused the police to get involved.

By now, we all know about Ray J’s antics and how he has always wanted to come out of the shadow of his sister Brandy, who is an icon in the music industry in her own right. From making the sex tape with Kardashian to participating in a dating reality show on VH1 called For the Love of Ray J, separating himself from his sister has been a long road. Oh, and we can’t forget his latest song, entitled “I Hit it First,” about none other than Kim Kardashian.

Shortly after the incident, Ray J was released, of course, with the Hollywood treatment. We can look for him on our small screens when Love & Hip Hop: Los Angeles makes its way to TV.


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