Princess Letizia gearing up to be Spain’s new queen

Princess Letizia is gearing up to be the next queen of Spain after her father-in-law, King Juan Carlos, abdicated the throne in favor of his son, Prince Felipe.

King Juan Carlos shocked Spaniards with the announcement that he was set to abdicate the throne, handing it down to his son Prince Felipe. This move, of course, means that Felipe’s wife, Princess Letizia, will be the next queen of Spain.

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Speaking to his stunned nation, Juan Carlos, 76, said that a “new generation must be at the forefront,” and his “son Felipe, the heir to the throne, embodies stability.” He and his wife, a commoner and former journalist, will go on to represent Spain, saying that Felipe will “open a new era of hope combining his acquired experience and the drive of a new generation.”

Princess Letizia, who is formerly known as Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, came from a professional family and became a well-known TV presenter and reporter. She had actually just won the best Spanish journalist under 30 prize when she met Prince Felipe at a colleague’s dinner party in 2002. She easily gave up her flourishing career to marry the prince whom she deeply loved.

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Since becoming princess of Spain, Letizia has been covered by countless magazines, which often comment on her elegant fashion sense and exceptionally slim figure, People magazine claimed. However, Letizia is not just a Spanish style icon, but has also devoted many hours to royal duties, attending 190 official events since her coronation.

Having taken 73 trips to 38 countries and amassed 107 audiences on her own, Letizia is certainly ready to take on the throne as queen of Spain. The princess is apparently also involved in several causes, including rare disease research and supporting education of the World Health Organization’s nutrition programs.

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Letizia and Felipe have two daughters together, Leonor, 8, and Sofia, 7, whom they both take to school together, opting to immerse themselves in a hands-on parenting style. In efforts to remain at least somewhat ordinary, the stylish royal has also traveled by subway while conducting official business and has a mortgage on a city apartment.


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