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The Bachelorette review: Don’t quit your day job

Good thing The Bachelorette guys are gainfully employed and good looking, because harmony is not their style. Speaking of sour notes, one bachelor really fell flat tonight.

The first of betrayals has hit the house on The Bachelorette. Not even the soulful harmony of Boyz II Men could soothe this off-key move. Good thing Andi has some valiant men who will sing the truth from a high tower, even if it sounds like a “chicken being strangled.” (Thanks for that one, from Bachelor Eric.)

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Out favorite for Andi after tonight

We’re really diggin’ Nick for Andi tonight. They do have that school kid romance going on where they are totally smitten with one another. She gave him the first impression rose and tonight they built on that spark. He returned the favor of that first rose with the delivery of a giant bouquet of flowers. It was like watching the beginnings of a really great chick flick.

Josh M. topped the list too just because they had that sexy makeout session. Those two definitely had some steamy chemistry that made us think maybe we should step away from the TV and give them their moment. Plus, she gave him the rose on the date. He’d better not break our precious Andi’s heart.

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Boyz II Men in the house

The guys got really excited about Boyz II Men. It was hilarious. Then they started trying to sing, and it was even more hilarious. No, really, they were that bad. Worse than bad. Still, every second was fantastic. I think I shed some actual tears of laughter tonight. Or maybe it was tears because my ears felt like they were bleeding.

See our favorite quotes below for some additional fantastic details of how the date went down.

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The boys confront Andrew

Looks like Andrew was flirting it up with a waitress and ended up snagging her number. While the show was filming mind you, and he was in the middle of dating Andi. The guys, specifically JJ and Josh M., weren’t pleased about how things went down and confronted the guy. Andrew refused to speak about it. The look on his face said he’d been caught red handed, if we say so.

In Andrew’s defense, he said he was handed the number as he was heading out of the restaurant. He tried to play it off as something that wasn’t solicited or expected, though from what they showed on camera, it wasn’t a very good defense.

Best quotes of the night

There were a ton tonight with the Boyz II Men hilarity.

First of all, a little clarification on this quote please. Did Eric actually say, “I’m pretty sure I touched my first butt to I’ll Make Love to You in seventh grade.” That’s what it sure sounded like… And we listened to it three times to be sure. Who knew he was so naughty?

Josh M.’s impression of Bradley’s voice was so fantastic. Add in the flexing, and we died laughing.

“Marcus’ voice sounds like a chicken being strangled,” Eric said.

“Oh, she sucks,” Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men said about Andi’s singing.

“Is black a color?” Andi asked Marquel when he asked her favorite color. He really liked that answer.

Part 1 of the two-day special of The Bachelorette definitely filled our drama void. It looks like Part 2 will be even more intense.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette? Who’s your favorite so far for Andi?

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