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Bret Michaels update: Virus and diabetes took down rocker

Team Bret releases official statement on what caused the rocker’s scary concert collapse last night.

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Team Bret is providing more information about the condition of Bret Michaels after he collapsed on stage and had to be transported by emergency crew to the hospital last evening in New Hampshire.

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According to Michaels’ Facebook page, a combination of health issues caused the Poison frontman to break down: “As previously announced, entertainer Bret Michaels was physically forced to leave the stage last night in Manchester, New Hampshire, due to complications involving insulin shock and severe low blood sugar, along with other conditions which doctors later determined included exhaustion/dehydration/fever and the noro flu virus.” The statement also said that Michaels was so ill that he was unable to keep substances in his system to stabilize his blood sugar levels, and that was why he was ultimately rushed by ambulance to Catholic Medical Center.

Because of the scare, Michaels’ show tonight has also been canceled. “Under strict medical direction, Michaels will not be able to perform this evening in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, as doctors have ordered him to let the flu virus run its course and let his blood sugar rebalance and remain consistent,” said his team. “While hoping to perform tomorrow in Albany, Type 1 diabetes complicates health issues such as the noro flu virus and must be monitored and taken very seriously.”

Sadly, the 51-year-old rocker has suffered a long history of health issues in addition to his battle with Type 1 diabetes. In April 2010, he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a severe brain hemorrhage after an emergency appendectomy and was admitted to the ICU. Just one month later, he suffered a stroke, and in January of 2011, the singer underwent surgery to repair an opening between the two sides of his heart.

Sending Bret best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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