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4 Things we want if Breaking Bad returns

Bryan Cranston caused an internet flurry when he suggested there was still some life left for Breaking Bad. We’re going to get our hopes up further with this list.

Spoiler warning: Do not continue reading unless you know what happens in the series finale of Breaking Bad. Major spoilers below.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Bryan Cranston is telling me that what I thought I saw during the Breaking Bad series finale may not actually be what I saw? Yup, that’s right. After months of thinking we’d gotten our closure, Cranston is yanking it back with some cryptic quotes to CNN about his infamous character’s potential return. Let’s just say, he definitely didn’t shoot down our hopes.

Of course, now that the wheels are turning and we’re fantasizing about more Breaking Bad, we have a few things we’d love to see if the story is, indeed, not over.

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1. The return of Walter White

Unless Walter White is only shown through flash-forwards and flashbacks in the spinoff, the show has to find a way to explain away the apparent death fans saw in the final moments of the series finale. Personally, we would love to see White rise from the grave. It would just be so fittingly Breaking Bad.

Cranston seems to be well aware of fans’ desires, since he teased so heavily during his interview with CNN. “Never say never,” Cranston said to reporter Ashleigh Banfield when she asked if Walter White could show up somewhere again.

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2. Better Call Saul

Hollywood Life is reporting that Walt will indeed make an appearance in Better Call Saul, the in-the-works Breaking Bad spinoff. Now, the spinoff is supposed to serve as a prequel for Breaking Bad, so the terms of Walt’s (and Bryan Cranston’s) reemergence are unclear. But, if the report is true, there is definitely the possibility of flashbacks and/or flash-forwards including Cranston. Dare we hope for more than just remembered moments? Yes, yes we do.

3. Forced back in

After the season finale, it wouldn’t make sense that Walt would just revert back to his old ways — assuming he isn’t actually dead. We think it’s much more likely that he’ll be forced back into the ring in some mysterious, suspenseful, dramatic way that we would love to see play out, of course.

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4. The return of the cast

Obviously, if Bryan Cranston gets to make appearances, why not the rest of them? Thanks to the possibility of flashbacks, flash-forwards and everywhere in between, we could see Skyler (Anna Gunn), Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Hank (Dean Norris) all return for more.

Whether in a miniseries, a movie or the spinoff, we’re all for our favorite characters from Breaking Bad cropping up again.

Do you think Walt and the Breaking Bad gang should return?

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