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Never say never: Bryan Cranston on more Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston hints that more Breaking Bad could be possible someday. We take a closer look at the story and some ways it could return.

Chins up, Breaking Bad fans, your favorite show might not be as dead as you think.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Breaking Bad series finale.

At the end of AMC’s hit series, Walter White finally shed the dual lives he had been trying to live and embraced the man he was — with all the good and evil combined to make one person.

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After the Breaking Bad series finale, fans wept, cheered, cursed and mourned the loss of arguably one of the best shows on TV over the past five years. It was gritty and violent, but also tackled themes that could break your heart and bring you to tears.

While the show had one heck of a send-off, some fans probably wouldn’t mind seeing it return someday. Bryan Cranston spoke with CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield on Thursday and seemed to be on board with the idea of bringing Walter White back. It’s an interesting idea, considering that White apparently died in the final moments of the finale.

When asked about the possibility of White’s return, Cranston said, “Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything. Or anybody say… you know.”

Say what? Say, “He’s dead”? That’s very true, Mr. Cranston. Talk about food for thought.

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When asked if fans would ever see White again in any form, whether in a film or anywhere else, Cranston said, “Never say never.”

If Cranston and the creators are up for it, the question then becomes: How do you bring Walter White back? One way would be for White to appear in the new spin-off series, Better Call Saul. Though it will be a prequel to Breaking Bad, it’s still a way to see White again. He probably won’t bear much resemblance to the man we saw in the original series, but it could still be interesting to visit him at that point in his life.

Another way White could return is in a movie or miniseries. If he didn’t die in the series finale, White could be seen in the future dealing with a whole new set of problems. Will he return to a criminal life or try to escape it all, but be forced back in by a malevolent element?

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The possibilities are truly endless but one thing is for sure: if Walter White does return, fans will be lining up to welcome him back.

What do you think of the possible return of Breaking Bad and Walter White?

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