How FX is pushing the boundaries with new comedy Married

As if Judy Greer and Nat Faxon aren’t enough to pull you into Married, the show will deliver comedy on real and edgy topics in married life.
We’re still a month out from the premiere of FX’s edgy new comedy and we’re already giddy with excitement. Everything we’ve seen so far suggests the show will push the boundaries of people’s idea of a functional marriage while maintaining the hilarity. Think This is 40 and Modern Family, but with the amazingly talented and supremely underrated Judy Greer. Married is exactly the show about marriage we’ve been waiting for, specifically because of the lines it comfortably straddles.

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Open marriages

In the case of Greer and Nat Faxon’s couple on Married, it’s not so much that they’re no longer in love as they’re just not making love. In one of the show’s first promos, Faxon’s character unleashes their dirty laundry at an unfortunate time. His biggest bombshell: His wife encourages him to go out and find sex elsewhere. There’s a good chance that we’ll soon find out she’s really just saying it when exasperated by his come-ons and not in the mood. But, how intriguing would it be to see a mostly normal, entirely cool couple navigate the nitty-gritty aspects of that mostly unexplored kind of relationship.

Real/hysterical dialogue

Some of us playfully plot our next marriages in front of our current husbands. Does that mean anything? Not necessarily. Sometimes that plotting happens because we’re comfortable enough with who and what we have to know being silly and dreaming big won’t hurt anyone. Other times… we’d seriously love to have a second husband who was a little more handy around the house or had the bankroll that could afford to hire people. This couple humorously plots their next marriages without taking offense and we kind of love them for it.

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Relatable issues

Comedies have a tendency to focus on the outrageous instead of the mundane. Playing the crazy card is fun, sure. But sometimes the mundane is just as silly. You go to parties and get house envy and tease your husband. A good writer can make that funny on its own, without throwing the wacky wife in the bathtub. We look forward to seeing sex feel awkward because the dog is watching, not because of some far less believable issue.

What happens when two sarcastic and funny people get married and make it past the honeymoon and into real life? FX’s Married explores the after starting on July 17. We promise you’ll laugh… and die a little on the inside when you can’t be equally as funny about real life.

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