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Meet David Gandy, the super hot guy in JLo’s “First Love” vid

We tuned into Jennifer Lopez’s new video, “First Love,” with an eye roll, expecting the same banal lyrics and visual theatrics of “I Luh Ya PaPi.” And that’s more or less what we got, right up until the wickedly hot guy started showering. Here’s what you need to know about David Gandy.

David Gandy

Photo credit: Adam Beresford/WENN

Not just another pretty face

We almost didn’t make it through Jennifer Lopez‘s Taylor Swift-like intro to “First Love,” but man are we glad we stuck around for a few more seconds. David Gandy’s presence in this music video saves the entire project because Gandy is hotter than the desert background of “First Love.” Here are a few fun facts about the guy who has us saying, “Jennifer who?”

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David Gandy

Photo supplied by WENN

• Gandy’s friends conned him into entering a modeling competition before Gandy graduated from college with a marketing degree. He not only won the competition, but he landed a prestigious modeling contract with Select Model Management. A star was born.

• Dolce & Gabbana took notice of Gandy’s hotness, and in 2006, he became the muse and face for “Light Blue” fragrance, which happens to be one of the world’s best-selling male fragrances. If Gandy looks familiar, it’s because he’s the total babe you’ve been staring at in those print ads for years.

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• Mr. Light Blue isn’t just a pretty face and incredible body. The boy also has smarts, and in 2011, he started writing a blog for and became an official car reviewer for Just when we thought this guy couldn’t get more attractive, he proves us wrong by having brains and brawn.

• Scars can be sexy, like when they appear on a canvas like Gandy. He got one of his scars because a friend shut a car door on him, and the scar on his left eyebrow is from his days as a rugby player.

• Though his piercing gaze can cut through a black and white print ad (or video in this case), Gandy doesn’t wear colored lenses. He is short-sighted and wears contacts, but they aren’t tinted.

David Gandy

Photo supplied by WENN

• By now you’re wondering what you and Gandy may have in common. Does he like long strolls on the beach and quiet candle-lit dinners at home? Here is a list of Gandy’s favorite things:

Color — Midnight blue

Song — “Fly Me to the Moon” (by Tony Bennett)

Snack — Dried peas

Vacation spot — Africa

Movie — Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Sweet — Sticky toffee pudding

Cocktail — Old Fashioned

Television show — House of Cards

Sport — Rugby

Actor — Paul Newman

Singer/band — Tony Bennett

Espresso drink — Hazelnut Americano

Vegetable — Peas

Car — Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Book — The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill

App — SoundHound

But enough talk. Check out the video that inspired our love note to Gandy, heretofore known as “The guy who saved Jennifer Lopez’s ‘First Love’ video.”

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