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How to date Cody Simpson: Learn how to read a book

Cody Simpson may only be 17, but he knows what he likes in a woman. So, how do you draw the eye of a successful pop star?

Cody Simpson is now a high school graduate and he knows exactly what he wants out of life — and a woman. The 17-year-old singer is looking for not only smarts, but maturity.

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Simpson recently split from model girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, who, at 19, was an older woman. Simpson told People that her age was what attracted him to her at first.

“I’m a big fan when a girl is smarter than you,” Simpson said. “That’s why I’ve been with older girls, ’cause I like intelligence.”

He tweeted those thoughts on May 22, just before graduating high school.

The singer isn’t looking for a smart girl without bringing his own intelligence to the table. When he graduated, Simpson was the valedictorian of his high school near Atlanta.

Simpson knows his charmed life has given him some amazing opportunities, which likely increased his grade point average. And he hopes to find a woman with the same knowledge of culture.

“Instead of learning about Europe, I got to go to Europe and immerse myself into all these cultures and get a better understanding,” he explained. “I got to go to the U.K. last year and visit Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace and all these places I had learned about.”

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That intelligence isn’t all book smarts and, at his young age, Simpson already knows picking up girls is all about strategy. He said, “I have never really used a pick-up line. An intelligent way to use pick-up lines is don’t use pick-up lines. The best way is through handling a situation with confidence — hint at a girl, but not be too forward.”

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