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PHOTO: Lena Dunham’s dog is a real pain in the butt

Lena Dunham’s dog might look sweet and cuddly, but sometimes reality bites.

Lena Dunham often tweets and Instagrams her dog Lamby and talks about the pooch’s emotional problems, which usually manifest themselves in peeing on the floor. Now, despite a steady dose of puppy Prozac, Lamby has gone on the offensive: biting the Girls star squarely on the butt.

Dunham shared photo evidence of Lamby’s intense displeasure at life as taken out on her rear end — complete with blood — on Instagram, and explained further on Twitter.

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“My dog bit me on the a** and Jemima Kirke captured the image of a life time #hopelessromantic #therewillbeblood,” Dunham explained on one shot.

“Now he’s acting like he never nipped me on the behind. We will call @iamjustinsilver tomorrow and sort this.”

Dunham adopted Lamby from a Brooklyn animal shelter in January 2013, just hours before she walked the Girls Season 2 premiere red carpet. The dog, who had been returned by three other families, did not exactly get off to an illustrious start at Dunham’s home.

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“My boyfriend [fun. lead guitarist Jack Antonoff] reaches his hand out to calm him and Lamby lunges, biting him,” she wrote in a piece for The New Yorker last month. “Whether it’s aggression or play is unclear, but we back out of the room all the same.

“Lamby tries, desperately, to bite at any part of my boyfriend’s body he can reach, then hurls himself onto the tile floor. He bounces slightly, shocked, then curls his tail around one crooked leg and heads for the front door, where he barks loudly at no one.

“My boyfriend looks pained; Lamby seems utterly alone; and I feel torn — after all, what’s it feel like when you are one foot tall and a guy in a Green Day shirt hoists you up as if it’s nothing and waggles one of your paws and calls you ‘bro’?

“There is no one to call for help. We don’t need any help. He is mine, and I am old enough to have him. We are all adults here.”

Tell us: What’s your doggy advice for Lena Dunham?

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