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VIDEO: 5 Answers to expect in Pretty Little Liars Season 5

Alison is back and so are the secrets. Pretty Little Liars loves to tease spoilers, but we’ve got five you can count on for Season 5.
The return of Pretty Little Liars is only a few weeks away (June 10, in case you haven’t already marked your calendar), and ABC Family is letting the Season 5 teases fly. We know the producers love to give fans cryptic messages and sneaky promises about what’s in store for the show, but we’ve narrowed down the top five answers you can feel confident waiting for in Season 5.

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1. The identity of A

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick promised us on the PaleyFest red carpet that we would discover the identity of Uber-A very soon. That’s all he would say, but since we didn’t get the answers at the end of last season, the truth should reveal itself during the upcoming season. Otherwise, he’s a little liar himself!

2. Jason’s involvement in Ali’s “death”

Thanks to Instagram and a behind-the-scenes photo of Jason (Drew Van Acker) from the set of Pretty Little Liars, we know Jason will be popping up in Season 5. No doubt Alison’s sudden reappearance will stir some unfinished drama within the family. We wonder how Jason will take the return of his long-lost sister, especially if it’s true that Mrs. DiLaurentis’ actions the night of Ali’s disappearance were to protect her son.

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3. The status of Haleb

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is returning to Pretty Little Liars, and soon. That means things for Hanna (Ashley Benson) are going to get complicated quickly. While we’re not sure if the two will be back on as fast as he returns to Rosewood, the two will definitely have their share of on-screen moments once again.

4. Melissa’s secret whisperings to Mr. Hasting

Remember at the end of last season, Melissa tells Mr. Hastings that Spencer (Troian Bellisario) didn’t kill the girl in Ali’s grave. Then Melissa leans over and whispers something to her father. Well, according to Pretty Little Liars‘ writer Joseph Dougherty on Twitter, we will discover what she whispered in Season 5.

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5. The fate of Ezra

The odds are looking pretty good that Ezra will pull through. Not only did Ian Harding tell us himself that he’s signed a contract for Season 5, but we can all agree things in Ezra’s story line are far from complete. Whether or not he knows the true identity of A and his shooter, he has a lot of unfinished business to attend to.

Which answer are you most looking forward to in Pretty Little Liars Season 5?

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