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Lady Gaga tweets apologies over canceled shows

Lady Gaga is ailing and there are sure to be some #SadLittleMonsters.

Even Mother Monsters get sick.

Lady Gaga disappointed her legion of devout followers, otherwise known as “Little Monsters,” today when she announced the cancellation of a full week’s worth of concerts.

Lady Gaga may want marriage and babies someday >>

The “Do What U Want” singer took to Twitter to send her deepest apologies and joke that the nemesis of a Disney favorite had stolen her “mermaid voice.”

The real culprit in the theft of the 28-year-old’s voice is not the infamous half-woman/half-octopus sea witch, but acute bronchitis. Gaga vowed to make up the misfortune to her loyal followers in Seattle and Vancouver.

Gaga is not the only megastar with a gaggle of super-fans who has been forced to cancel shows for health reasons this year. Miley Cyrus was hospitalized after having a severe allergic reaction to a prescription medication and had no choice but to take a several-week break during the middle of her Bangerz tour.

Cyrus re-kicked off the tour in style three weeks ago and her main goal seemed to be self-expression for both herself and her audience. “She got loads of people of the same sex to snog in the audience and put them on camera on a giant screen and made a speech about how we should all just ‘be ourselves,'” a source told the Daily Mail.

Maybe Gaga can turn to Cyrus for some tips on what to do in her downtime. The 21-year-old daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus said that she participated in a gaggle of online shopping while sick to keep boredom at bay. Then again, it might be the perfect opportunity for Mother Monster to slip on her grandma’s robe and work on some new songs.

Get well soon, Gaga!

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