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JWoww flips over Lil’ Kim comparison, simmers down nicely

JWoww is one pregnant lady who absolutely will not stand for being made fun of. Check out what the mom-to-be ranted when TMZ compared her to Lil’ Kim.

JWoww has gone from rage to regret in record time over TMZ daring to compare her to fellow pregnant star, Lil’ Kim.

Posting a recent photo of the Jersey Shore alum in full mom-to-be bloom, the gossip site wrote in jest, “Lil Kim Wowwing NYC With Her Baby Bump.”

“Looking like she just spent the weekend getting her GTL on, Lil Kim walked the streets of New York today sporting the latest in guidette style… which is an odd look for the 39-year-old rapper,” the post jabbed. “Kim is expecting her first child soon… a girl… but she has not officially confirmed who the baby daddy is.”

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In actuality, JWoww is engaged to her baby’s father, Roger Mathews.

Strongly and clearly reacting to their post, the best friend of Snooki posted this foul tweet Wednesday:

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Her strong feelings quickly dissipated, however, with a little help from the man she plans to marry.

Posting to Instagram, JWoww explained, “Regretting last pic lol not because I don’t think TMZ is a joke and people like them are the reason why our society is so f***ed up but because of myself.

“For one second they made me feel insecure and made me question my hair and makeup today and Roger said, ‘you liked how you looked today … You left happy and had no regrets until they wrote something.”

Sharing how his words helped her calm down and nearly forgive TMZ, the reality star, due in July, added, “He’s write (sic) I felt fine. Then Roger said ‘your (sic) not weak so stop acting it,’ and he’s right. I’m not. So kiss my a** TMZ and every other hater.”

Hilarious or hurtful: What do you think of TMZ comparing JWoww to Lil’ Kim?

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