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VIDEO: Bruce Jenner and Rob K Kimye wedding drama

Bruce Jenner and Rob Kardashian were less than stoked about the Kimye wedding.

Drama, drama, drama. We are talking about the Kardashians here, so would you expect less?

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Bruce Jenner and Rob Kardashian, the two most central male members of the Kardashian clan, were both so unhappy before and during the Kimye wedding that they ducked out early. Jenner, at least, stayed for the ceremony, but Kardashian was so distressed that he left the night before his sister walked down the aisle.

A source close to the family told InTouch Weekly that Jenner was acting weird during the entire wedding. The patriarch was antisocial, hanging out only with his non-Kardashian children, and there seemed to be a lot of tension between him and his wife, Kris Jenner. The source also reported that Bruce left the party very early.

Bruce and Kris have been having marital problems for quite some time now: The couple separated last October, but have remained friends. Bruce has also been very publicly battling some identity issues over the past year, so it is quite possible that the unease was due to problems revolving around the Kris/Bruce marriage and not the Kim/Kanye union.

Rob Kardashian reportedly flew back to the U.S. before the wedding because he was having anxiety involving his much-talked-about weight gain and was uncomfortable being photographed at the wedding.

Immediately upon returning home, Rob contacted his personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, according to TMZ. Peterson said that Rob is “locked and loaded” and ready to get back into fighting shape, which will hopefully help him avoid any more meltdowns.

Bruce Jenner’s son, Brody Jenner, also declined to attend his stepsister’s wedding, reportedly because he did not receive a plus one, and he didn’t want to leave his girlfriend behind.

Kanye West was being a bit of a groomzilla, according to The Mag. We’ve all seen how he deals with the paparazzi, so no surprises there. Could there be a link to West’s behavior and all of the early departures/wedding no-shows?

What do you think? Did people flee the Kimye wedding because of Kanye, or was it all a big, unhappy coincidence?

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