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Beachy horror movies to celebrate a summer Friday the 13th

June is made extra-special this year thanks to a mid-month Friday the 13th. Sure, summer is a time for beach movies and rom-coms. But, maybe just this once, you should go for an all-out fright fest.

Pop some popcorn, turn the lights off and cuddle up with your least squeamish friend. This Friday the 13th is all about pee-your-pants horror and silly attempts at a scare. Are you ready for these frightening flicks?

Obviously this ocean-set horror film is the perfect summertime scare. You’ve no doubt seen the first one, but have you seen all the sequels? We highly recommend renting the whole set and watching this nasty great white wreak havoc on the beach population. Just don’t blame us if you’re too afraid to swim for the rest of summer.

Deep Blue Sea
This film is so not OK! When a group of scientists station themselves at a deep sea laboratory, they have the best of intentions at heart: finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. Soon enough, however, the lab sharks become tired of the tests, and these smarter-than-average sea creatures are out for the ultimate revenge.

Still not afraid of stalking sharks? What about tsunamis? In this 2012 thriller, a tsunami traps a handful of survivors inside a nearly submerged Australian grocery store… along with a 12-foot great white shark. Who will make it out alive, and who becomes deli meat? Only luck can decide.

Blood Beach
Clearly the ocean isn’t safe, but what about the beach? In this classic ’80s horror flick, it’s not the sharks people are worried about. The sand is quickly mutilating or straight-up devouring beachgoers one by one. When Catherine’s mother becomes the latest victim, she and her long-lost pal and almost-lover work together to find the unseen creature tormenting their childhood playground.

Psycho Beach Party
Need something a little lighter? This may or may not be the way to go. In 2000, Hollywood set out to mock all those awesome beach movie classics (like Gidget) by doing a spoofy slasher version. The outcome was Psycho Beach Party, about the first girl surfer on Malibu Beach, who just happens to have an alternate personality and may be murdering tourists.

Imagine being trapped at the bottom of the sea in a tiny submarine. Then imagine you’re trapped there with ghosts. That’s exactly what happens in this 2002 movie set during WWII. Would you power through or lose your mind? We’re going to go with the latter.

Creepshow 2: The Raft
The second installment of Stephen King’s Creepshow series is a little ’80s gem called The Raft. In this beachy thriller, four college students decide to take a spontaneous dip in a lake only to be stalked by a mysterious black blob from under the water. The blob traps them on a raft in the middle of the lake and picks them off one by one. Two survive the night, but you’ll have to watch the flick to find out if anyone makes it back to shore.

Yikes! We’re pretty sure that if we watched all these, we’d forgo the trip to the beach this year. Hopefully you’re less of a chicken than us. Enjoy your summer… and don’t tempt fate.

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