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Mara Wilson comments on UCSB killer’s misogynistic views

The tragic UCSB shooting has left the world shocked, and former child star Mara Wilson is letting the world know how she feels about the killer’s misogynistic views.

The tragic UCSB shooting has left many shocked, angry and saddened, and Mara Wilson is one of those people. The former child star is best known for her role as Matilda, but now she is an avid and passionate writer, and she wants her views to be known.

The violent rampage of a 22-year-old man reported to be Elliot Rodger has caused the media to dissect his chilling actions, which Wilson believes are the product of his misogyny — which is clearly expressed in his “manifesto.”

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Although initially hesitant to share her views, the 26-year-old retired star wanted to remind people about the gender violence that exists beyond this particular incident, and that she believes it will continue to exist if action is not taken.

“Hey all, I hesitated posting this, because I don’t want things to get ugly in the comments,” she wrote. “But I think it’s important. I read the UCSB shooter’s ‘manifesto. Most of it was about how badly he wanted a woman (typically ‘hot’ and blonde) to have sex with him or be his girlfriend.”

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“He never once mentioned a woman’s personality or interests, only what she looked like and what he’d do to her,” Wilson said of Rodger. “He never approached a woman, just believed he deserved sex and love because he was ‘superior’ and ‘magnificent.’ When he didn’t ‘get’ a woman in his life, he became violent,” she continued.

“Please, teach your sons women are people, with lives and personalities and interests,” she wrote. “They are not objects, they are individuals, and NO ONE is entitled to another human being’s body or time. Yes, this guy had problems to begin with, but this kind of attitude of entitlement and objectification certainly did not help.”

Wilson is not the only celebrity who feels strongly about the issues that women face, and in addition to her words, the hashtag “#YesAllWomen” began trending. Celebs such as Mia Farrow, Connie Britton, Sophia Bush and Joshua Malina, among many others, are lending their voice to the cause and shedding light on the struggles that women face.

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