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8 Possible book titles for Solange’s tell-all about Jay Z, Beyoncé

Solange Knowles is reportedly banking on the recent media attention with a tell-all book in the works. Of course, the book will need an attention-grabbing title to match, and we’ve got some suggestions.

Solange Knowles is apparently writing a tell-all book, with plans to let all the dirty laundry in her family fly. In Touch is reporting that the tell-all book is in the early stages, but Knowles has plans to detail such scandalous topics like the truth behind Jay Z and Beyoncé‘s marriage, including cheating and Bey’s rumored fake pregnancy, as well as the family’s relationship with estranged father Matthew Knowles. We’d like to just state the obvious here: When it comes to family, spilling all the dirty details is never a good idea.

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Knowles has seen an upswing in social media followers since her tiff with Jay Z after the Met Gala was leaked and appears to be banking on this sudden fame as much as possible, assuming the rumors about the book are true. She’s also scheduled to join Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On the Run tour this summer as the opening act, according to Media Take Out, which will reportedly pay a cool $8 million.

All in good fun, we’ve come up with some clever ideas for Knowles’ new book.

1. You Must Not Know ‘Bout Me

Taking a line from sister Beyoncé’s popular song, Knowles may use this book to introduce herself into the world while, as reported, also spilling on all the family’s dirty secrets in between.

2. Opening Act

Since she’ll now be jumping on tour with Bey and Jay Z, Knowles may be on her way to stardom herself. She may not be headlining a tour. Yet. But she will be headlining a book if the reports are accurate.

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3. Riding the Coattails

This fight has propelled Knowles into the spotlight and, with this book, seems to be wringing it for all it’s worth, for better or worse.

4. Throwin’ Down in an Elevator

Since this is the story that started all the attention for Knowles as of late, it only seems fitting she pay homage to the moment in her book.

5. Destiny’s Other Child

Need we say more?

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6. That Time I Kicked Jay Z

See No. 4, though to add to it, perhaps Knowles is planning on detailing the events leading up to the brawl in her tell-all since the stories seem to be mixed at this point.

7. Claim to Fame

We can already hear it now five years down the road as Jay Z is releasing a new album: Remember that time Beyoncé’s sister attacked him? Yeah, we still can’t believe it either. Families are strange, huh?

8. Now All I Need Is a Sex Tape

Feel free to also substitute “sex tape” with “reality show.” Celebrity status attained from wacky events is generally never a good way to shine in the spotlight for long. Just ask Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.

What do you think Solange Knowles should title her tell-all?

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